Easy One-day Plan

Return during business hours on the day of rental.

5,000yenplus tax

【Set Includes】

Underwear, long undergarments, obi, accessories,kimono
bag, zori sandals, and more.
Available for: males and females ages 15 and up

Over Night Plan

Overnight from opening until 12:00 noon the following day
Return to: the shop where you rented it or the front desk of your accommodations
(central Kanazawa only)

6,800yenplus tax

【Set Includes】

Underwear, long undergarments, obi, accessories,kimono
bag, zori sandals, and more.
Available for: males and females ages 15 and up

Yukata Plan
Overnight from opening until 12:00 noon the following day
Return to: the shop where you rented it or the front desk of your accommodations (central Kanazawa only)

4,500yenplus tax

【Set Includes】

Underwear, long undergarments, obi, accessories,
bag, zori sandals, and more.
Available for: males and females ages 15 and up


Rickshaw service

  • Under this new VIP plan, you can tour the old castle town in a rickshaw.
  • Available for up to two passengers.
  • Each course includes a guided tour of recommended sights by an experienced rickshaw driver.
    Of course, the driver also can take you to destinations you request yourself.

Service charges

30-minute course: 2 person 7,000yenplus tax [1 person ▶ 5,000 yen + tax]

45-minute course: 2 person 11,000yenplus tax [1 person ▶ 7,000 yen + tax]

60-minute course: 2 person 14,000yenplus tax [1 person ▶ 9,000 yen + tax]

Photos taken by professional photographer

Higashiyama Strolling Course

Time required: 1 hour Photos: 30-40
Starting from a spot an easy three minutes' stroll from Kanazawa Kirara, this course offers photographs of famed Kanazawa sights that still retain the atmosphere of traditional merchants' houses as well as the Higashi Chaya-machi district. These streetscapes well-suited to kimono, which have appeared in numerous films, are perfect locations for taking photographs.

Per person 10,000yen + tax
Groups of two 12,000yen + tax per person 6,000yen + tax
Groups of three 14,400yen + tax per person 4,800yen + tax
Groups of four 16,000yen + tax per person 4,000yen + tax

Kanazawa Strolling Course

Time required: 3 hours Photos: 80-100
This plan is perfect for those who want to stroll around the city's sights while in Kanazawa. A photographer will accompany you to your preferred sights in Kanazawa, such as Higashi Chaya-machi, the Kanazawa Castle and Kenroku-en area, the samurai home district in Nagamachi, and Oyama Shrine. In addition to photos at famous sights, this service also offers photos of a wide range of scenes, including dining and shopping.

Per person 20,000yen + tax
Groups of two 24,000yen + tax per person 12,000yen + tax
Groups of three 28,800yen + tax per person 9,600yen + tax
Groups of four 32,000yen + tax per person 8,000yen + tax

Note: Photos taken will be mailed as digital images on a CD and a Photo Theater DVD (2-disc set).
They should arrive in about two weeks.
Separate charges apply for international mail (from 1000 yen).

As with kimono rental, please make reservations at least three days in advance for the Higashiyama Strolling Course or the Kanazawa Strolling Course. In the event of poor weather, you may choose to take photos inside a studio*2 instead.

You need to pay a deposit in advance. After confirming the payment will be to arrange the photographer.
Please complete your payment by the day before the reservation date.The unpaid deposit will be canceled.

Note 1: Some sights prohibit photography. For details, check with the photographer on the day of your tourPlease pay admission fees, meal charges, and other costs yourself.
Note 2: The price of the studio photography service will apply if choosing studio photography.

Canceling your reservation and cancellation charges
To cancel your reservation, please notify us by closing time on the business day before your reservation date.
A cancellation fee will apply to cancellations received later than the above time.
The cancellation fee is 10,000 yen for the Higashiyama Strolling Course and 20,000 yen for the Kanazawa Strolling Course.

* No cancellation fee will apply in the following cases even if canceled on the same day
(1) Failure to arrive due to an accident or other problem involving public transportation
(2) Inclement weather involving issue of a storm advisory or stronger warning from the Japan Meteorological Agency (e.g., typhoon advisory, high-waves advisory)

Whichever photography plan you choose, you will receive both a digital photo CD and a Photo Theater DVD.
【Digital photos on CD】
The photos taken are provided on a single CD-ROM disk, in a large JPEG format equivalent to 3840 by 2560 pixels.
You may use them freely as you wish, since they are suitable for printing not only on postcard-sized paper but even on paper as large as A3 size (297 * 420 mm).
【Photo Theater DVD】
The high-definition Photo Theater DVD is a video in which you play the starring role, created by adding background music to the photos taken during your visit.
You can recall your visit to Kanazawa at any time and any place by playing this disk on any DVD player.

Simple hair set +1,500yen(+tax)
Nagoya obi +1,000yen(+tax)
Hakama +2,000yen(+tax)
Antique kimono +3,000yen(+tax)
Delivery to your accommodations
(central Kanazawa only)
Protection plan +600yen(+tax)

Using this service

Our goal is to help visitors create happy memories of their time in Kanazawa by making it easy to wear kimono.
Please be sure to read and understand the following details so that you can use this service in comfort.



All services require prior reservations to ensure that you can enjoy your visit to the fullest.
"Note: We also offer same-day rentals when kimono are available. Please feel free to check availability."
Fill out the reservation form to make a reservation by email. If reserving by telephone, inform the operator of your dates and place of accommodation, the time you wish to begin the overnight rental, and your preference for the Over night Plan and optional hairpins.


About our Kimono

We provide everything except for cold-weather wear.
When you make a reservation, we will prepare everything you need,
including underwear, long underwear, zori sandals, and bags, as part of the set you requested.



【By car】
Higashi Chaya-machi Store: If coming by car, please notify us in advance, since parking spaces are limited.
"Meitetsu M'Za Store: At the Meitetsu M'Za Store, please use the M'Za parking facilities (discount available)"

【By public transportation】
Higashi Chaya-machi Store:
Two minutes on foot from the Higashiyama stop or five minutes on foot from the Hashibacho stop
on the Hokutetsu Bus route bound for Naruwa.
Two minutes on foot from the Moriyama 1-chome stop on the Kanazawa Loop Bus (clockwise).
"Meitetsu M'Za Store:
One minute on foot from the Hokutetsu Bus Musashigatsuji stop.

Note: Please understand that pickup services are not available at present.

Higashi Chaya-machi Store

Meitetsu M'Za Store


Return Service

When using the Over night Plan, you can return your kimono at your place of accommodations.
To return your kimono, simply place it in the return bag you were issued and return it to the front desk
at your accommodations. This plan is especially convenient for users unfamiliar with how to handle a kimono.

When using the Easy One-day Plan, return your kimono directly to the shop where you rented it,
during business hours on the day of rental.
Note: Not available at some accommodations.


After business hours

Services area available during the following hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm at the Higashi Chaya-machi Shop and 10:00 am - 7:00 pm at the Meitetsu M'Za Shop.
Please contact us if you desire arrangements outside business hours, such as at 7:00 or 8:00. Kimono may not be returned to shops outside of their business hours for the day.
Please note that kimono rented on the Easy One-day Plan but returned after business hours on that day will be treated as having been returned on the following day and charged a late fee of 2000 yen (not incl. tax).


Product soiling, damage

Customers who did not purchase the protection plan will be charged repair costs and other costs for
the following cases of excessive soiling or damage.
Please telephone the contact point shown below if your kimono has suffered excessive soiling or damage.
Emergency tel.: Contract the shop you used
Higashi Chaya-gai Main Store (closed Wednesdays)076-252-4931
Meitetsu M'Za Store (open every day)076-256-1388
Irreparable stains or damage
Damage identified as difficult to repair by our vendors, damaging the clothing design (such as wine or blood
stains over wide areas or rips in fabric difficult to mend: standard charge of 50,000 yen (not incl. tax)
Reparable stains or damage
In cases such as stains or soiling over large areas or frayed sleeves,identified as reparable by our vendors,the actual cost of repair will be charged: 5000-10,000 yen (not incl. tax)
Note: Kanazawa Kirara offers a protection plan in preparation for unforeseen circumstances. Ask shop staff for details.


Higashi Chaya-gai Main


Store: hours 9:00〜18:00
Regular holiday:closed Wednesdays

Meitetsu M'Za


Store: hours 10:00〜19:00
Regular holiday:open every day

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